Fully-Funded JobTrainer Courses at Yorke – What You Need To Know

Begin your study journey at Yorke Institute, Melbourne with the fully-funded JobTrainer program designed for JobSeekers aged 17-24

Fully-Funded JobTrainer Courses at Yorke Institute – What You Need to Know

Are you a degree or masters graduate looking to study aged care, community service or disability free of charge? Or have you already used up your funding opportunities but realised you want to begin working in skills shortage areas? Then JobTrainer is the perfect solution!

Here at Yorke Institute, we’re passionate about opening the gateway to your new career, and now, thanks to the new JobTrainer program, your pathway to success is more achievable than ever.

The pandemic has seen the need for workers in some sectors skyrocket. Healthcare, childcare, community services and more are experiencing unprecedented skills shortages, creating new career opportunities for those seeking employment. That’s where the JobTrainer program comes in.

Study an eligible JobTrainer course free of charge with Yorke Institute, Melbourne and fill skills shortages across health, childcare, aged care, disability support and community services

What is JobTrainer?

In a bid to fill the increasing need for support workers, healthcare professionals and carers, the Australian government has established the new JobTrainer program, partnering with states and territories to roll out the $1 billion fund.

Who is it for?

The JobTrainer program is designed to support those currently on the JobSeeker payment, aged 17-24, to study free or low-fee courses with job outcomes in high demand.

Unlike other study support initiatives from the government, even if you already have a qualification in another field, you may be able to access the JobTrainer to reskill for a high-priority role.

What does the program offer?

JobTrainer will fund around 300,000 additional training places to help job seekers access one full qualification and one short course from a range of accredited diplomas, certificates and short courses. This includes areas such as health, childcare, community service, aged care and disability support.

The fully-funded JobTrainer program targets fast-growing sectors and industries put under pressure due to the pandemic to fill existing skills needs and assist in reskilling those qualified in other fields.

Am I eligible for JobTrainer?

If you’re a school leaver and are looking to complete vocational training in a high-demand sector, JobTrainer is an excellent option. But the initiative isn’t just benefiting school leavers.

Suppose you’ve already undertaken tertiary study or graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. In that case, you are likely ineligible for financial support from the government to study or have exhausted your funding entitlements through the likes of higher education loan schemes.

However, if you’re looking to change career paths, JobTrainer now allows you to study an eligible course to prepare for a high-priority role; all you have to do is meet the eligibility criteria of being a JobSeeker in the appropriate age bracket.

What courses are eligible for funding?

Here at Yorke Institute, we are one of the nationally accredited VET providers that have partnered with the government to deliver courses eligible for the JobTrainer program.

These include the:

Experience industry-leading education and flexible study options with Yorke Institute’s range of eligible JobTrainer funded courses

Why should I choose Yorke Institute to study a JobTrainer course?

All of Yorke’s courses are delivered by expert educators, and all students are provided with industry-leading simulated classrooms, practical training, and real-world work placements to help them successfully complete their chosen qualification.

Yorke Institute also offers flexible study options with night and weekend classes available to accommodate those with other commitments.

Find out more

If you’re interested in studying through the JobTrainer program at Yorke Institute and want to see if you’re eligible for a fully-funded course, contact the VET experts at Yorke Institute today on (03) 9042 0231.