Fighting COVID: Free Government-sponsored Infection Control Courses

Free Government sponsored Infection Control Course from Yorke Institute

A lot has changed since we rang in the new year with high hopes. Covid – a word we had not even heard of less than a year ago – has pretty much become the most spoken word in the modern lexicon.

It has not been easy for many of us as we try to adjust our lives and workplaces to accommodate our collective response to this virus. We need workers – especially those employed on the front line in retail, food, transportation, and logistics – to know how to effectively respond to a Covid-19 outbreak.

So what does it take to keep your colleagues, customers and yourself safe in the midst of a pandemic? Well, firstly, it takes a robust understanding of the health and safety issues that specifically relate to Covid-19. But it’s difficult to do that when it is becoming harder to work out what is sound, scientifically-based advice.

Yorke Institute infection control courses are the answer.

Yorke is offering HLTINFCOV001 Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures to employers and employees alike. And this course is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Australian and NZ citizens, as well as international students working in a relevant field. The catch is that it is only for a limited time. This is not a marketing ploy: the Australian Government will only be funding training in this skillset during the pandemic and recovery phase. So now is the time to take advantage of it!

This is your chance to minimise COVID-19 risk by upskilling yourself and your staff to respond to an outbreak.

So who can benefit from taking this training?

If you’re an employer looking to make sure your doors can remain open during this pandemic, you will want to ensure your staff know how to prevent and respond to a Covid-19 outbreak on your premises. But, just as importantly, if you’re currently employed in the retail, hospitality and logistics industries, you will want to know how to keep yourself (and your family) safe. Jobseekers and students are also encouraged to sign up for this course to add another arrow to your resume bow.

As the Pandemic looks to be a longer-term event than what we originally anticipated, so we need to avoid outbreaks to ensure our businesses remain open, people remain employed, and modern life can continue to function. Participants in Yorke Institute’s infection control courses learn essential skills and knowledge to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Additionally, graduates of these courses will be able to strengthen public trust and encourage Australians to continue supporting local businesses.

This is the aim of the Australian Government too, and that’s why they are covering the costs to ensure many of the nation’s workers have access to important information to help prevent the spread of Covid and keep the economy rolling along.

So why choose Yorke?

Yorke Institute is one of Australia’s premier training institutions with nationally accredited training that focuses on job-ready courses and pathways to employment. We have great staff that are experts in their fields and value the hands-on learning experience – something that is essential when it comes to understanding how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in your workplace.

Another benefit of doing a free infection control day-course through Yorke is that we offer flexible delivery methods. We offer the course in an online mode or face-to-face in the workplace in just a single day, as well as on both weekdays, evening, and weekends. It’s never been easier to upskill and minimize your Covid-19 risk, nor has it been cheaper! But remember: this fee-free course is only available for a limited time.

What do you have to lose?

To find out how you can enroll in one of our industry-leading infection control courses, call us today at Yorke Institute on (03) 9042 0231.